The proof is in Circuit Breaker Sales & Repair's performance. We’re submitting a requisition for more of the MagVac breakers this week.

Colonial Pipeline’s Lead Technician Kevin Holland

The revolutionary new MagVac Circuit Breaker features the latest in vacuum interrupting technology combined with magnetic operation. The magnetic latching actuators are linked directly to the vacuum interrupters, eliminating almost all moving parts. There is no complicated spring-charge mechanism, trip coil, close coil, or charging motor to break down. CBS MagVac is the reliable solution.
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Founded in January 1996

Privately Owned, Texas “S” Corporation

Drug Free – Zero Tolerance Workplace with Random Drug Testing

Territory Covered: Gulf Coast Region

Note: CBS MagVac will be a Nationally sold product

Specializing in 480v to 15Kv Power Distribution Equipment

Turn-key Breaker and Switchgear Service Shop

Inventory of all manufacturers breakers, parts and switchgear

• Vintage Pre WWI to today’s modern components

Affiliates: Reliable Electrical Testing Services, LLC (RETs)

• On-Site Acceptance and Maintenance Testing

• In the field critical failure analysis and repair/replacement capabilities