The proof is in Circuit Breaker Sales & Repair's performance. We’re submitting a requisition for more of the MagVac breakers this week.

Colonial Pipeline’s Lead Technician Kevin Holland

The revolutionary new MagVac Circuit Breaker features the latest in vacuum interrupting technology combined with magnetic operation. The magnetic latching actuators are linked directly to the vacuum interrupters, eliminating almost all moving parts. There is no complicated spring-charge mechanism, trip coil, close coil, or charging motor to break down. CBS MagVac is the reliable solution.
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Warranty 2.1

The simple magnetic actuator mechanism used by the CBS MagVac is the cutting edge future of medium voltage circuit breakers. With virtually no moving parts (no complicated spring-charge mechanism, trip or close coils, or charging motor to break down) the CBS MagVac operates virtually maintenance-free without the need for current limiting fuses, thus extending the life of your older equipment and earning one of the industry's longest and best circuit breaker warranties.

CBS MagVac's seamless installation/integration and reliably simple mechanical design insures that you will have many years of trouble free service with virtually no scheduled maintenance. Therefore, Circuit Breaker Sales & Repair Company is proud to announce the 5 year / 30,000 operation cycle parts & service warranty on CBS MagVac equipment. (For perspective, a 30,000 operation cycle equates to an open/close cycle about every 17 minutes 24/7 for 5 years — much greater than any application/anticipated use and a reflection of the much-longer-than-five-year warranty life span.)